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Savor the Time You are Given

Okay it’s 2015 and I have been crafting stories in my head for this blog since February 2014. My friends keep telling me to put things out on paper. And so, enough of talking to myself – let’s start the New Year out on the right foot.

My one word theme for 2015 is Savor, albeit this is not original. I read it somewhere earlier today – choose one word that serves as a theme. Too many news years’ resolutions make it hard to focus and stick to them, and so I am going with the one word attempt this year:

  • Savor time with my family
  • Savor the food that I eat
  • Savor the moments and experiences that define my life
  • Savor the relationships and friendships and show them my gratitude and appreciation

Using one word, as an umbrella theme, is not new for my family, it’s just new for a new year’s resolution. For years, we were known as a Safe Family – I pulled that word out with my kids over and over – a safe family stays together, a safe family looks out for each other, a safe family makes smart choices, a smart family has surprises not secrets. A safe family is your haven – it worked when they were little and it still defines who we are today, even though my kids are both in college. We are here as a safe place – a trusting and comfortable place. We don’t have secrets – we tell each other the truth, and while there may be consequences for telling the truth, you will always be under the safe enclave of love and respect.

It will be interesting to see how this one word plays out in our annual family tradition tonight of predictions and resolutions. We started this several years ago with our kids. On new years day or new years eve, we sit together and write a note to ourselves next year – what do we predict will happen in the family and what do we resolve to do for ourselves. It is a pretty cool tradition and one filled with anticipation. Where were we last year? What were we thinking? And what do we want for ourselves for the coming year?

Savor – it even works for this blog – savor my thoughts and my perspectives as I seek to get full-time employment, enjoy my family, help my parents, and appreciate the new empty nest that occasionally gets filled!

— Signing off from the jungle – more to follow

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