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Going Back to Work – the beginning

At 50 years old, I began the job search – again!  It wasn’t easy and I was scared, but it was exhilarating and reminded me of all the reasons that I hated dating.  Did he like me?  Would he call me again?  Would his friends like me? Would I be invited back? Would I get an offer? Waiting for the email and the phone call were maddening!

Choosing to step off – leaving my career

Until I had my 2nd child, I had never not worked in my entire life. From the time I was old enough to babysit, I had earned money.  In high school, I waitressed; in college, I did work-study and worked retail.  And, after college, in between jobs, I waitressed again.  Being able to support myself was paramount to me. And –  true confessions – I had to pay for college and graduate school myself.

After my daughter was born, I dialed back to part-time work from my job at Walt Disney World. And, when we moved from Orlando to NJ, I started my consulting business in earnest. The arrangement suited my needs at the time – it gave me a chance to keep my head in the game, earn money, but also have flexibility to be around for my kids.

Back to work – continued

With young kids, flexibility was a necessity, but soon I realized that as they got older, they needed me in a different way.  I was primarily a chauffeur and a chef, and an important backstop. All good things and connections that I will cherish forever.  I gave my kids a good foundation with my career choices and now I needed to let them soar, and I needed to seek out my next challenge. And, so as the calendar turned, I cast my net (and my resume) back out to my network and sought their counsel on my job search. One friend was working for the NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee – big events, logistics and hospitality marketing organization. She shared my resume and (after what felt like months) I was hired as VP of Marketing, soon to become CMO. Incredible does not begin to describe the work and the challenge and the people  – and the opportunity. But, the Host Committee was a temporary organization, and as quickly as the work began, we were winding down and, again, I was out of a job.

Rejoining the Job Search

And so, here I am, looking again for an opportunity to challenge myself and contribute to an organization. I am smarter, more focused, more driven than before. But the same nerves and concerns exist – all a part of the search.

Thanks for letting me start and share my journey.  I will stay true to my charter – marketer, mentor, mom. Be sure to follow me here at as I chart my journey.


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